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Our belief is that professional training should be affordable to everyone in order to make

our skies a safer place!


All our courses extensively cover the stipulated curriculum as mandated by Transport Canada.

In addition to the above, we also cover SFOC criteria and applications along with prep work for site surveys, checklists and emergency procedures, most of which are a legal requirement before any flight, whether for Basic or Advanced Operations. 

We also offer a comprehensive Flight Review Prep guide which will help prospective students prepare for the 2nd stage of achieving their Advanced license. 

Included in our advanced instructor led ground school is the ROC-A

(Radio Operator Certificate - Aeronautical) exam, a recommendation as part of an Advanced Operator's certificate and typically a requirement if operating in controlled airspace. 

If you need to complete your ROC-A exam separately please get in touch and we can arrange this. 

We operate our instructor led ground school out of Calgary however are able to travel further afield

and have successfully conducted courses province wide and beyond! (conditions apply).

For further information and to enroll in one of our courses check out the buttons below!


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