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  • Why do I have to get a license to fly my drone?
    Drones or UAV are aircraft in their own right (albeit, unmanned aircraft). They share airspace with other aircraft and it is for this reason that legislation was implemented in order to control the use of these aircraft via licensing requirements for RPAS pilots. The majority of people dont know (or understand) how the airspace above them looks, operates or that it even exists. As drones become more prevalent in our daily lives it is imperative that operators of such aircraft fully understand the environment they are operating in.
  • Do you offer online training?
    Yes we do! We offer comprehensive Online courses for both Basic and Advanced operations that you can enroll in and study at your own pace and from the comfort of your home. Alternatively we also run instructor led Advanced courses as some people just prefer this and find they learn better in this type of environment.
  • Where can I fly my drone?
    This depends whether you are qualifed in Advanced or Basic Operations. Basic allows you to fly in uncontrolled airspace, more than 30m away from people and not at public events or near airports/heliports. If any one of the above situations is not fulfilled then you are flying in advanced operations. There are however other conditions as to where you can legally fly. All relevant legislation is covered in our ground school course.
  • Do you offer corporate discounts?
    We most certainly do! Contact us for details - we would love to gain your business.
  • Why do I have to do a flight review?
    A flight review is the 2nd stage of gaining your advanced operator's license. This is the part where a qualified and certified flight reviewer verifies your knowledge of the many facets of operating your RPAS in a complex environment. Without a successful flight review you cannot fly in Advanced operations.
  • Do I get my license immediately after attending ground school?
    No. The exam part of the licensing requirements is administered by Transport Canada directly and ground schools have no access to this.
  • What happens if I fail the Transport Canada exam?
    A failed exam does not mean that your flying days are over. You can retake the exam (conditions do however apply)
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