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As of June 2019 new regulations came into affect that govern the licensing of drone pilots within Canada.

The new regulations divide drone operations into 2 fundamental categories - Basic & Advanced - and apply to all drone operations conducted in an outdoor environment with drones weighing 250g and up. 

Basic - your basic pilot's license allows you to operate your drone in uncontrolled airspace only, always more than 30m (horizontally) away from bystanders and more than 5.6km from an airport and 1.8km from a heliport.


Advanced - your advanced pilot's license allows you to operate your drone in controlled airspace (with the necessary permission), closer than 30m or even over bystanders (with the correct drone) and within a close proximity to certified airports and heliports.

No matter which of the above 2 categories you fall under, all operator's of UAV in Canada now require to be licensed through Transport Canada and flying without the necessary qualifications can land you with a hefty fine and possible prosecution!

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