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Grant is an avid aviation enthusiast and has over 25 years of combined experience within manned aviation and UAV sectors and has flown extensively in South Africa, New Zealand & Canada.

​He holds both a fixed wing pilot's license and Transport Canada Advanced Drone Operator's Certificate with Flight Reviewer Rating.

His professional background stems from the Maritime industry and is a retired Captain and Offshore Installation Manager, having served over 30 years at sea within numerous sectors, including Offshore Deep Water Drilling, Container, AHTS, DSV, Offshore Construction and Pipe-lay.

As Captain on offshore drilling rigs he was directly responsible for the well-being of

150+ persons, the environment and infrastructure valued at over US$1 billion.

Needless to say, safety was heavily ingrained in all aspects of his career and he 

continues to practice and promote this same safety culture within his training and UAV flights

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