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UAV Training

Professional : Affordable : Educational

Calgary Drone Academy, as part of our parent company UAVertical Ltd, is a Canada wide professional UAV training academy and industrial drone inspection company.  Our ground school has helped thousands of pilots achieve their goal of obtaining their RPAS license. We will guide you through the entire process of

achieving your drone pilot's certificate and more.

If you are in need of industrial drone services please refer to our parent company, UAVertical Ltd

We offer both online and instructor led courses, flight training, Advanced Pilot flight reviews & ROC-A exams and can cater our services to suit your business or individual needs. Our flight reviews are some of the best priced within Canada and many of our reviewers are ex Veterans so your support goes to help a fantastic

group of people. Many of them also have decades of experience in the aviation sector!

Our advanced instructor led classes are typically run every 4-6 weeks.

2024 Class dates for our advanced course

JAN 13/14 - fully booked

MAR 16/17 - fully booked.

Jun 8/9 - limited spaces available. Contact us to book

Companies needing in-house training we are able to set up bespoke instructor led classes for you and can travel to your location if needed. Please contact us directly to discuss further.

We have successfully provided services for private individuals, airline and helicopter pilots, professionals employed in mapping and geosciences, oil & gas, inspections services, building contractors, home inspectors, insurance underwriters, environmental services, food & beverage, law enforcement & much more!

Our courses have been professionally developed by Transport Canada licensed pilots in a blended format of video, print based and a series of test questions to provide the best possible training experience. 

Foreign Pilots - as from June 2021 foreign pilots wanting to fly within Canada have to pass the TC basic or advanced exam (depending on whether your flight is deemed basic or advanced) and also successfully pass the flight review. Our online basic and advanced courses will help foreign pilots prepare for the TC exams and also help prepare for your flight review. 

We are a TC compliant training school and fully certified. Let us help you achieve your academic goals and safely get you into the skies!


Advanced Drone Ground School - ONLINE

Our 100% online ground school for Advanced licensing prepares pilots for the Transport Canada online Advanced exam



Advanced Drone Ground School - Instructor led

Our instructor led ground school for Advanced licensing prepares pilots for the Transport Canada online Advanced exam.


Basic ground school.webp

Basic Drone Ground School - ONLINE

Our 100% online ground school for Basic licensing prepares pilots for

the Transport Canada online

Basic exam.



Flight Review - Advanced pilots

Transport Canada compliant flight review for Advanced Licensing 



Flight Training - Basic or Advanced pilots

A 2hr hand on flight training session including Flight Review guidelines



Flight training & Flight Review

Our combined training and review package at a discounted rate.


Refresher training.jpg

24-month RPAS Recency Training

Maintain currency with our 24-month training course as approved by TC



Fundamentals of Drone Mapping - online 

Comprehensive course in Fundamentals of Drone mapping



ROC-A Radio license exam - in person.

ROC-A exam administered by our ISED accredited examiner


Organizations we have partnered with

Trained : Certified : Safe

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I recently acquired an advanced drone and was not aware of the regulations that came into effect in Canada in 2019, while Transport Canada was highly recommending taking training at an established professional ground school. Therefore, I did my research and luckily found the Calgary Drone Academy. The owner advised they were creating online training, which was convenient during the social distancing scenarios we are living today. Once the course became available online, I acquired it at a very affordable price and proceeded to take it. It is complete, and the practice quizzes are excellent, the videos are easy to understand, and the practice exam is very close to the certification exam. I got my Pilot Certificate, with a passing grade of 85%, and with 24 minutes remaining on the examination. All of this thanks to Calgary Drone Academy. See you in two years, for recency training. Keep up the great work!

Jose Herrera - Basic Online Ground School

Why choose us?

  • Over 25 years of combined fixed wing and UAV flying experience

  • 100% money back guarantee if you are not happy with our online courses

  • We pride ourselves in quality of course content, integrity, fantastic customer support and unbeatable pricing

  • Excellent pass rate amongst our graduates

  • Our business model stretches across multiple sectors thereby bring a fresh perspective to the UAV environment

  • We stand by our products

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